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Dr. Gavan Cooke currently lectures in aquaculture at Falmouth Marine School, where part of his teaching involves teaching ornamental fish welfare and husbandry to students and public aquaria staff. He is a marine mammal medic, holds all available UK Home Office aquatic organism welfare modules (including NACWO) and has obtained the IAT level 2 diploma in animal technology. He has a BSc in Zoology and a PhD in fish behaviour. Gavan is a BIAZA professional member (research committee) and also a member of UFAW. He conducts research into aquatic animal welfare (e.g. cephalopods, elasmobranchs, and amphibians) and works for an EU funded organisation promoting the welfare of cephalopods.

Gavan’s reason for joining the AWA Advisory Panel:

“For the last 20 years I have been looking after aquatic organisms, during this time I have come to realise that many of these animals are intelligent, can feel pain and deserve our best care through appropriate husbandry techniques and useful enrichment. There is now a substantial body of evidence supporting the notion that many common captive aquatic organisms deserve similar care to their more fluffy cousins. I believe that there is a huge emphasis on terrestrial animal welfare whilst many aquatic animals are frequently neglected (or worse) due to the perception they have 5 second memories. I think this project is an excellent idea and can only be a good thing. I am proud to be associated with its cause.”

Dr. Gavan Cooke