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Dr. Lynne Sneddon is the Director of Bioveterinary Sciences at the University of Liverpool. Lynne’s research addresses fundamental questions in animal welfare using aquatic models particularly addressing pain, fear and stress in fish. Current funding from NC3Rs and EU FP7 to explore automated pain assessment and provision of analgesia in laboratory fish and the use of young non-protected larval fish to replace adults in pain testing. Other projects include testing of aversion to commonly used anaesthetics, whether providing enrichment improves the health of fish and investigating current practices in ornamental fish welfare.

Lynne’s reason for joining the AWA Advisory Panel:

“We have a complicated relationship with fish employing them as important laboratory models in science, catching them in both large scale fisheries and for sport, farming them for food and also keeping them as a companion/ornamental animal in our homes or in public aquaria. These animals are also vitally important as part of our ecosystems and are essential for maintaining biodiversity, therefore, their welfare in captivity is crucial especially for those species considered endangered. As an animal welfare scientist, I believe we have the right to use animals but should do so humanely and hold them in conditions which promote their health and welfare. Information on good husbandry practices as well as reducing the impact of any procedures we subject the fish too would be highly relevant to inform the public, experimenters and industry on the best ways to keep aquarium species. Promoting the latest knowledge in this field is at the heart of the Aquarium Welfare Association and with a background in aquatic animal biology I hope to advise the AWA on the latest issues thereby improving aquarium animal health and welfare.”

Dr. Lynne Sneddon